Finally got some videos posted.

So as I mentioned in the last post. I have created a new blog section where I will showcase video work that I have done. Well today I finally got around to embedding some videos. Most of them so far are Press Pause videos, but that is because that is the show I spent the most time working on. I also added a couple of X3 videos as well.

In the near future, I plan to try and find a few more examples of things I worked on from Music Video Reform School, Hairbanger's Ball, etc.

For now, if you want to check it out, just click on the VIDEO tab in the menu.



Working on new section.

So, I got an email from an old school chum today because I am currently unemployed and looking for new work. I had sent him a link to the video on my resume page and asked if he knew if anyone was hiring.

He gave me some advice on things he thought I might need to do, and they were good ones. One thing I plan to do with that advice is to create a new section of this site to put videos that I have worked on. It will live here, though there is currently nothing there, and as such is not in the side menu.

I plan to go through lots of old video that I worked on in my time at, and will post those that I think are very good. Also, I am thinking of trying to start working on my own video content. Just something simple that I can do quickly. I dont know if it will go anywhere, but it would be a good way to keep my skills up, and maybe force me to learn some new things in the process. If that happens, that page is one place where they will end up.

A great weekend was had.

So I don't get out as much as i would like to, but this weekend was definitely the exception to the rule. 



To begin, it started with my regular Friday game night over at Taqueria San Jose in the Mission. Me and about 10 other people got into a rousing game of Cards Against Humanity. We ended up playing for several hours. I did discover one thing: my mind is definitely not as twisted as I thought it was. At the end of the game the winner had 12 points, and I only had four. It would seem that I have work to do.

The other great aspect of the night was I got into a conversation with a young lady who had been playing the game with us, and it went really well. I was pretty psyched about that, because that doesn't normally happen to me. We got to talking about some geeky things, and it just felt good. So Friday night, was a big success.



Next up was Saturday. For the most part it was a pretty bland experience. The usual just hanging around the house bit. That evening though, I decided that I hadn't been to see a movie in a while. I have been wanting to go see "Looper", and had been hearing very good things about it. So that was what I decided to do. I met up with an old co-worker I used to work with over at the AMC and Sundance Kabuki theaters and we headed over to the AMC Van Ness cinema to watch the movie.

I have to say that I think this was probably the best movie that I've seen this year. Granted to be fair, I haven't gone out to see all that many movies, but whatever. The movie is science fiction, but only in that it has a somewhat futuristic setting, and there is the element of time travel. What it does is use the time travel trope as a way of setting up the narrative arc of the story in a way that really shines. Even using it to show you things from different perspectives. And I won't spoil the ending here, but it was done in such a way as to really make you think about what you had just seen.

If you haven't yet had a chance to see this movie, I urge you to do so.

And if seeing an awesome movie was not enough, I left my friend Jen to see another movie, and I met up with my friend Sabrina over at a bar close to Powell street and we talked and drank for a while. After a couple of hours, Jen then joined us, and we ended up staying there until closing time.

I finally made it home around 3am. So Saturday was also checked in the good column.



So obviously I slept in on Sunday. I eventually woke around noon. As it was the weekend, I decided to head over to the local laundromat and due a couple of loads of wash. Nothing interesting there. Washed my clothes. Grabbed a sandwich at the 7-11 next door. Watched some Netflix on my iPad using the free WiFi. Pretty much the usual.

Then, while I was waiting for my clothes to dry, I hear the coin machine go off. I didn't really think much on it at the time. I then get up to go check on my laundry, and as I head back to my seat, I see that there are several quarters in the change machine. I figure someone put some money in, and would be back for it soon. I waited for five minutes, and no one came back to claim the quarters, so I figured what the hell, and grabbed them.

I ended up with $10 in quarters, so basically I did my laundry for free. Which was pretty awesome. But it didn't stop there.


On my way home with my clothes, I walked by some stuff that had been thrown out on the sidewalk. In one of the boxes was a hard cover copy of Stephen King's "Under The Dome." As far as I could see there was nothing wrong with it. It wasn't wet from sitting out. There was no damage to the book apart from a very small tear in the dust jacket. I couldn't see why anyone would have thrown it out, but there it was. So in it went into my laundry basket, and it is now mine.

Now that was my day. My night proved to be just as interesting.

Another former co-worker of mine was having a birthday celebration, and since I hadn't seen her in a while, and also not having much else to do, I decided to go. Now the event was being held at a karaoke bar, and I will admit right now, that I had never done karaoke in my life up to this point. I was a virgin, you might say.

So I got there a bit early, and it took a while for other to join. When we did finally get enough people, we were ready to go, as this was one of those places that had the private karaoke rooms. Unfortunately, it turned out that the system that ran the private rooms was not working, so what they did was call the DJ who ran the public machine in early. 

This was not helpful to me at all, as I was scared enough to do karaoke in front of people I already knew, but to do so in front of a bunch of strangers, well.....let's just say my stage fright kicked in. Of course there was only one solution to the problem....TO THE BAR!


Needless to say, I did eventually get inebriated enough to finally break my karaoke cherry. And I will admit that I did have a lot of fun. I might still prefer to do it again in the private rooms, but it wasn't so bad. I ended up doing two solo songs ("Birdhouse In Your Soul" by They Might Be Giants" and "Your Smiling Face" by James Taylor) and joined in on two group ones ("Tiptoe Through The Tulips" by Tiny Tim and "Thriller" by Michael Jackson). All in all a fun night was had by all, and we were singing even during other people's songs as well. So much so that my throat was sore by the time I got home and went to bed.

In the end I had a great weekend. The kind I basically never have. My life is in a state of flux at the moment, but I'm glad that I was able to have a weekend like this to get away from this for a while.